«Ukroboronprom» developed the reform strategy
It will enable the integration of the Ukrainian defence industry into the global high-tech market. The reform is aimed at close international cooperation within the framework of innovative trends. It includes simultaneous operation in legal, technological, and industrial areas.
For starting the reform, legislation changes in accordance with international standards are needed. The sooner the deputies approve 34 draft laws, the faster the defence industry of Ukraine integrates into the global market.
Our aims:
Ensuring the defence capabilities of the country, preventing threats to national security, strengthening the international authority of Ukraine
Driver and stimulation of reforming process of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, creating a favorable regulatory environment
The development of innovations, involvement of education and science, partnership with global R&D centers
Maximum productivity, strengthening of financial position, expansion of markets, developing of human capital
Openness and transparency
Confronting corruption, clear asset ownership, favorable information policy, openness to international investors