OLEKSANDR KRYVOKON TAKES OVER THE LEADERSHIP OF KHARKIV STATE AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY SE "Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company", which is part of Ukraine's largest defence contractor Ukroboronprom, received a new director - Oleksandr Kryvokon, former head of the State Enterprise "Antonov" and former director of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company itself. This was announced during a press briefing and a meeting of the directors of the State Concern with the staff of the company on April 19. Oleksandr Kryvokon took office on April 19. The relevant order on his appointment was signed by General Director fo Ukroboronprom Yuriy Husyev the day before. "The reason for this personnel decision was successful work of Oleksandr Kryvokon as the director of Kharkiv Aircraft Company in the past. Then, in six months of his activity at the enterprise, he successfully implemented a plan of anti-crisis measures, - said Igor Fomenko, Deputy General Director of Ukroboronprom for production. In addition, Igor Fomenko stressed that a draft anti-crisis action plan has been developed for the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company, which will be finalized in the next two weeks together with the newly appointed director and trade union of the enterprise and approved by the Board of Directors of the Concern. The draft anti-crisis action plan provides for three main areas: with the internal customer, with the external customer and the sale/lease of surplus assets that are not involved in production. "Today, the SE "Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company" does not have a product that can be sold. In order for it to appear, the company needs to rework the design and technological documentation for those aircrafts which may be produced - An-140 and An-74. Thus Kharkiv Aircraft Company for example may receive a state order for An-74, for example, for the National Guard or the Ministry of Defense. However, first - to implement the decision of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council - the company must implement an import substitution program and get rid of all Russian components," said Igor Fomenko. Ukroboronprom is working on the possibility of receiving investments from the Ukrainian group of companies update design and technological documentation for An-74, as well as to obtain an order for these aircrafts under state guarantees. In addition, the Concern has developed a separate bill on the financial recovery of the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company and is asking the Ministry of Finance to write off the debt of over 2 bln UAH (over 70 mln USD), which the company owes to the state budget. Finally, the draft anti-crisis plan provides for the effective sale of surplus assets not involved in production activities, the raised funds may be used to repay the debts. Previously, Oleksandr Kryvokon held senior positions at Ukraine's enterprises - industrial giants, in particular at the Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov, the SE "Malyshev Plant" and the Antonov State Enterprise. Oleksandr Kryvokon defined the payment of salaries to employees who have not received them for over a year as his primary task as the director of the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company. [gallery size="medium" ids="12416,12417,12418,12419,12420,12422"] Reference: Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company became a part of Ukroboronprom - by the decision of the Government - in June 2015 in a state of bankruptcy. Accounts payable of the Kharkiv Aircraft Company at the time of joining the Concern amounted to over 3.2 bln UAH (over 114 mln USD). Wage arrears - over 52 mln UAH (1.8 mln USD). As of today, the debt is about 3.7 bln UAH (over 132 mln USD), in terms of salary - over 253 mln UAH (over 9 mln USD). The main part of the debt of the Kharkiv Aircraft Company (over UAH 2 bln UAH, which equals to over 71 mln USD) is the debt to the state budget, related to issuing bonds in 2009 in the amount of 1.6 bln UAH (over 57 mln USD) under state guarantees.   Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is not a participant in the state defense order. However, the Company is a co-executor of works on modernization of Mi helicopters within the framework of state defense order with Motor Sich Joint-Stock Company. Today, the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is included in the list of state-owned objects that are not subjects to privatization and are in the process of settling. The Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the two serial aircraft construction enterprises, which until 1991 together with another serial enterprise - SE "Kyiv Aviation Plant" Aviant "(currently Antonov State Enterprise) - annually produced from 150 to 200 An-24, An-26 , An-32, An-74, Tu-13 aircrafts and their modifications.
OLEKSIY ZHUKOVETS BECOMES A NEW GENERAL DIRECTOR OF "ZORYA-MASHPROEKT GAS TURBINE RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPLEX" Oleksiy Zhukovets was appointed as new General Director of one of Ukraine's largest enterprises of Ukroboronprom "Zorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex". The presentation of the head of the plant to the staff took place on Monday, April 19. The new head of one of the leading enterprises of the domestic defense industry is tasked with ensuring plant operates at full capacity, strengthening its presence on world markets and finding new opportunities to increase sales. Oleksiy Zhukovets has extensive experience in management positions in the field of mechanical engineering and setting up production "from scratch". Specifically, he created an enterprise on the basis of the production complex of CJSC "Makiivka Casting Pump", which had not been functioning before. Previously Oleksiy Zhukovets' headed Zhytomyr Armored Plant, which is also part of the Ukroboronprom, Ukraine's largest defence contractor. Under his leadership, the company successfully fulfilled the state defense order in 2020 and grew production. The plant has also launched an import substitution program, improving company's image significantly. "According to the results of last year Oleksiy Petrovich became one of the best managers in our stated concern, — the general director of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Husyev said. — Taking into account results of the operation of the enterprise in the first quarter, I made the decision to replace the director who proved strong performance while working on the enterprise which used to have many problematic issues but are now safely operating and fulfilling stated defense order”. "Domestic engineering has a huge human, scientific and technical potential. I see my mission in increasing and realizing it in favor of Ukraine's defense and competitiveness. I am convinced that my experience and desire to develop the industry in combination with the capabilities of "Zorya-Mashproekt" will strengthen company's position in the domestic market and expand cooperation with foreign customers," Oleksiy Zhukovets commented. In addition, he stressed that special attention will be paid to improving the efficiency of production processes, optimizing the production cycle, as well as improving working conditions, attracting both financial and human capital for enterprise's development. [gallery ids="12407,12410,12406,12408"]
LVIV ARMORED PLANT IS FIRST TO VACCINATE THEIR STAFF FROM COVID-19 IN UKROBORONPROM CONCERN On April 16, the mobile medical immunization team vaccinated the first 100 employees of the Lviv Armored Plant from COVID-19 with CoviShield/AstraZeneca. All the rest will also get vaccinated later.   Victor Androschuk, the Director of Lviv Armoured Plant, was the first to get vaccinated.   "We are grateful to the Lviv Coronavirus Response Center for the decision to put our company in the first-priority list for vaccination against COVID-19," he said. "We have been restoring armored vehicles under quarantine restrictions for over a year. We implemented all the necessary measures in a short time, so we managed to organize the workflow and to timely hand over armored vehicles to Ukraine's Armed Forces. I will note that 77 employees had Covid-19 in this pandemic, one of them unfortunately died, 63 - recovered, 13 people are still sick. For a long time we've been confronting two threats for a long time: the first is COVID-19, the second one - an external aggressor, Russia. Thanks God, the scientists invented vaccine to win the counter the first threat, but we need all our strength and unity to battle the second one. Thus I wish everyone strong immunity, victory and peace."   [gallery ids="12400,12398,12396,12395,12394,12393"] State Enterprise "Lviv Armored Plant" is an object of state property and is of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine. The company is one of the five largest taxpayers in Lviv region and employs about 700 people. Main areas of activity are: manufacturing, modernization, repair of armored vehicles and spare parts for them.
UOP BRINGS TO END TRANSFERRING ENTERPRISES TO UKRAINE’S FUND OF STATE PROPERTY Carrying out the decision by Ukraine's Government, state concern Ukroboronprom transferred 15 state-owned enterprises and corporate rights of another 2  joint-stock companies, which have lost their importance for country's defense capabilities, to the State Property Fund. The transfer of another two enterprises is underway. As defined by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1229 of December 9, 2020, one enterprise was transferred to Ukraine's State Property Fund, another one - to the sphere of management of Ukraine's Defense Ministry. According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, 17 state-owned enterprises were removed from Ukroboronprom and the corporate rights of another two joint-stock companies were transferred. Thus, today Ukroboronprom includes 118 enterprises, 21 of which are located in the temporarily occupied territory. The State Enterprise "Kharkiv Transport Equipment Plant" is in the process of being transferred to the State Property Fund; the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Aviation Transport Company" — to the Ministry of Defense. At present, the relevant packages of documents necessary for the preparation of acceptance-transfer acts have been sent to both agencies. The enterprises of Ukroboronprom, included to the list for alienation, have de facto lost any connection with the defense complex long ago and either did not carry out financial and economic activities, or were unprofitable and had unsatisfactory economic indicators. State Enterprise "Vinnytsia Aviation Plant "VIAZ" State Enterprise "Zaporizhzhya Automobile Repair Plant" State Enterprise "Nizhyn Repair Plant of Engineering Weapons" State Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Navigation and Management" State Enterprise "Ivano-Frankivsk Boiler and Welding Plant" State Enterprise "171 Chernihiv Repair Plant" State Enterprise "Ukroboronresursi" State Enterprise "Ukrainian Radio Engineering Institute" Ukroboronleasing State Enterprise "Rivne Automobile Repair Plant" State Enterprise "Special design bureau" Lightning " State Enterprise "Buran Research Institute" State Enterprise "Central Design Bureau" Emerald " State Enterprise "Transcarpathian Helicopter Production Association" State Enterprise "Lviv Research Radio Engineering Institute" OJSC "Quantum Plant" PJSC "Kherson plant" Sudmash" The total value of the assets of these enterprises as of July 1, 2020 amounted to over 280.6 mln UAH (over 10 mln USD). At the same time, in the first half of 2020 alone, they suffered losses of almost 15 mln UAH (over 540 000 USD), and the amount of total wage arrears is over UAH 7.6 million. The decision of the Concern's Supervisory Board to withdraw the above-mentioned enterprises from Ukroboronprom was preceded by the resolution of the Government, which ensures the efficient use of the property of enterprises that have lost their importance for the country's defense capabilities, as well as to focus on reforming those that should form the form up the basis of the structure for the  future branch associations of the transformed Concern.