11, Moskovska Str., Feodosiya, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 98100, Ukraine

Main products:
  • sight-guidance device 1K13- 22 (49) to the ACS "Bastion" for tanks;
  • tank night sight 1K13-22UM;
  • quantum rangefinder FTC-3;
  • articulated telescopic sight TSHS-41U;
  • Tank Scope – Rangefinder TPD-K1 to the tank T-72;
  • ranging unit;
  • device for elaboration of amendments;
  • device for generation of the signal of side warning;
  • capacitive wind sensor;
  • IR-searchlight L4 ( L4 – A) for the upgraded tanks;
  • illuminator OU-5 for 1K13 , TKN-3, TPN-3,  telecameras TPK -1, for all objects of the armored vehicles in the IR-range and as a white light spotlight;
  • sensor for registration the facts of laser irradiation; 
  • complex for detection of laser irradiation "Linkey";
  • artillery quantum rangefinder;
  • laser reconnaissance device; 
  • periscope laser rangefinder;
  • laser designatior ranger;
  • laser rangefinder for light armored vehicles VDL-2F.