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As part of the development of the anti-corruption infrastructure, which is taking place in the Joint-Stock Company Ukrainian Defense Industry, the practice of personal commitments of leadership has been implemented. Director General of JSC UDI Herman Smetanin has already made them public. And now Olena Kovalyova, Director of the General Department for Compliance and Risk Management, announces her own personal commitments in the position. Remind you that these steps are an integral part of transparent reporting to civil society, which is provided by the Anti-corruption Strategy of the JSC UDI.
Personal obligations of the General Director of JSC Ukrainian Defense Industry Herman Smetanin to develop the anti-corruption infrastructure
The strategic importance of the enterprises of the defense-industrial the Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» requires ensuring their effective and sustainable development based on integrity, zero tolerance for corruption, and responsibility
Action plan of the Strategy for Prevention, Detection and Counteraction of Corruption of the Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» for 2023-2024  
The Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» (UDI) continues the implementation of the Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Counteraction of Corruption for 2023-2024. The action plan has been approved and published on the Company's website. The main focus of the IV quarter of 2023 is the analysis of corruption risks and their elimination. Today, according to the plan, work continues in three key areas. The first point of the effort is the analysis of the implementation of the recommendations for eliminating corruption risks, which were provided by the state National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) and the non-governmental organizations «StateWatch» and «Together Against Corruption.» It examines what has been done based on the results of the reports to determine which risks have already been eliminated, which have not, and what still needs to be worked on. This task is planned to be completed by the end of this year. The second direction is the assessment of existing and potential risks in appointment to management positions, property management, and procurement, followed by creating and implementing appropriate management decisions. The third key point is the diagnosis of the current state of work of the network of anti-corruption commissioners at UDI's companies. It is about analyzing their performance of their duties, the degree of independence from company managers, etc. As a result, the activities of the authorized representatives will be standardized and free from the influence of extraneous factors, which will increase the overall efficiency of work on corruption prevention. «Developing the anti-corruption infrastructure is one of the main tasks set before our Company,» said Olena Kovalyova, Director of the Compliance and Risk Management Department of UDI. - This requires a systematic approach to each stage, a thorough study of the effectiveness of available tools and measures, the quality of the work of relevant specialists, the commitment of managers to standards of integrity, and the creation of a new internal culture based on the rejection of corruption at all levels from a factory employee to the General director."  
The Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» (UDI)  is returning to the practice of The Competition Commissions, which will select candidates for the position of directors of several subsidiary companies. Thus, in its performance, UDI adheres to the principles of transparency, openness, and corruption prevention, including quality personnel selection area. It is one of the essential steps in the implementation of the approved Anti-Corruption Strategy. UDI is gradually updating the team and strives to attract the most talented and efficient professionals to manage subsidiary companies. It is due to a particular procedure for selecting candidates for relevant positions with the involvement of a specialized commission. Potential managers will be considered based on competitiveness, fairness, impartiality, and transparency.  
The Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» (UDI), together with the Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention(NACP), publicly presented the Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Counteraction of Corruption for 2023-2024, approved by the order dated August 26, 2023. And this is the next fundamental step to developing an anti-corruption infrastructure in the Company. The discussion of the document took place among experts and media representatives. «Building an anti-corruption infrastructure is one of the three key tasks of the UDI's team — along with increasing the production capacity and transformation of the defense corporation. However, neither the second nor the third is possible without an effective, effective system of combating corruption», - emphasized Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleksandr Kamyshin.   It is currently a short-term strategy designed for 2023-2024. It envisages the first steps of UDI, reformed into the Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry.» Among them is forming a culture of zero-tolerance of corruption, ensuring inevitable responsibility for it, and building a system of whistleblowing channels that will report on misconduct. «Real steps have already been taken. First, to ensure a transparent selection of company managers, a commission for selecting candidates for management positions at subsidiary companies has been developed and is starting to work. It includes representatives of the UDI, public organizations, and partner countries. Secondly, we are returning procurement to Prozorro and already have a successful case of centralized electricity procurement with almost UAH 50 million in savings. And thirdly, we are updating the Property management policy of defense industry enterprises», - notes General Director of UDI Herman Smetanin. The Strategy was developed considering the requirements of Ukraine's legislation, per the United Nations Convention against Corruption, OECD recommendations, and the NATO Building Integrity Policy, etc. It also considers reports from NACP, NGO «Together Against Corruption,» and NGO «StateWatch». «According to the legislation, during the war, the development of the Strategy is not mandatory for UDI's enterprises. However, its management, with the support of the Minister for Strategic Industries, decided to take this important step on the way to the introduction of international standards of corporate governance and developing integrity. Thus, more than 100 enterprises of the UDI will work in conditions of zero tolerance for corruption. These systemic institutional reforms will ultimately change public consciousness, make the industry highly productive, and contribute to our victory. NACP participated in developing the Strategy, and thanks for the openness and fruitful collaboration», said Head of NACP, Oleksandr Novikov. Next is the step-by-step implementation of the Strategy, reporting to society and practical contribution to the success, reliability, and integrity of the defense-industrial complex of our state. This is daily work for every enterprise and every employee of UDI without any exception. Only by acting legally, under conditions of integrity and transparency, will we be able to be competitive and attract partners and investors in joint projects.  
The Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry» (UDI) has developed a project of the Strategy for Prevention, Detection and Counteraction of Corruption for 2023-2024. The document was discussed at a meeting of the UDI’s team with experts from government institutions and independent anti-corruption organizations on August 16. The event was attended by representatives of Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), and leading non-governmental organizations: StateWatch, Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (NAKO), Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC), NGO «Together Against Corruption», the supplier professional services for independent verification of the company and COSA compliance, etc. As the UDI’s risk manager Olena Kovalova noted: «The involvement of stakeholders at the stage of developing the Strategy ensures the implementation of measures to eliminate exactly those corruption risks that are the most acute from the point of view of the state and civil society and require immediate response. Transparency and openness to cooperation allowed UDI to consider the practical experience and expertise of a wide range of professionals in building integrity and effective corporate governance in its document.» The jointly developed Strategy will help ensure the conditions under which UDI and each of its enterprises fulfill their obligations legally and honestly, and all employees act honestly, conscientiously, and adhere to the highest standards. Since the first days of the established of the Joint Stock Company «Ukrainian Defense Industry», efforts have been focused on eliminating corruption risks and preventing them from occurring in the future. Therefore, the UDI carefully plans the development of the corporate governance system and takes steps to build the anti-corruption infrastructure.
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