The JSC "Ukrainian Defense Industry" has moved on to the implementation of the Anti-corruption Strategy

Publication date: 05.10.2023

The Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Defense Industry" (UDI) continues the implementation of the Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Counteraction of Corruption for 2023-2024. The action plan has been approved and published on the Company's website. The main focus of the IV quarter of 2023 is the analysis of corruption risks and their elimination.

Today, according to the plan, work continues in three key areas.

The first point of the effort is the analysis of the implementation of the recommendations for eliminating corruption risks, which were provided by the state National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) and the non-governmental organizations "StateWatch" and "Together Against Corruption." It examines what has been done based on the results of the reports to determine which risks have already been eliminated, which have not, and what still needs to be worked on. This task is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

The second direction is the assessment of existing and potential risks in appointment to management positions, property management, and procurement, followed by creating and implementing appropriate management decisions.

The third key point is the diagnosis of the current state of work of the network of anti-corruption commissioners at UDI's companies. It is about analyzing their performance of their duties, the degree of independence from company managers, etc. As a result, the activities of the authorized representatives will be standardized and free from the influence of extraneous factors, which will increase the overall efficiency of work on corruption prevention.

"Developing the anti-corruption infrastructure is one of the main tasks set before our Company," said Olena Kovalyova, Director of the Compliance and Risk Management Department of UDI. - This requires a systematic approach to each stage, a thorough study of the effectiveness of available tools and measures, the quality of the work of relevant specialists, the commitment of managers to standards of integrity, and the creation of a new internal culture based on the rejection of corruption at all levels from a factory employee to the General director."