“Al-Wahash” armored personnel carrier with “Shturm” combat tower on IDEX 2019 – the joint project of Ukraine and UAE
“Al-Wahash” armored personnel carrier with “Shturm” combat tower on IDEX 2019 – the joint project of Ukraine and UAE On IDEX-2019 international exhibition, which is taking place in Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), the “Al‑Wahash” 8x8 armored personnel carrier with BM-3M “Shturm” combat tower is introduced for the first time. “Al‑Wahash” 8x8 armored personnel carrier with BM-3M “Shturm” combat tower is the result of cooperation between enterprises of the Ukrainian State Concern “Ukroboronprom” and UAE company “Calidus LLC”. BM-3M “Shturm” combat tower is used on BTR-3 APC which is serially produced by the State Enterprise “Kyiv Armored Plant” and has successfully passed the hardest tests in real combat actions in the East of Ukraine. Modern digital system with laser range finder and gun stabilizer ensures for the BM-3M “Shturm” high accuracy of firing with the 30 mm automatic gun, machine-gun and automatic grenade launcher, as well as “Barrier” anti-tank guided missiles system. Due to the BM-3M “Shturm” combat tower the “Al-Wahash” 8x8 APC is provided with powerful arsenal of weapons for destroying of an enemy from the distance of up to 5 km at any weather conditions day and night. It shall be mentioned that “Al-Wahash” 8x8 APC is one of the most up-to-date APCs of its class that was created by combination of the cutting edge technologies from the leading world class manufacturers. Therefore integration of the Ukrainian combat tower into this APC constitutes another evidence of high efficiency of the Ukrainian weapons. On February, 18th, 2019 the "Calidus LLC" and the State Company “Ukrspecexport”, which is a member of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, signed the Memorandum of cooperation having consolidated the reached agreements in further cooperation.  In particular, it is planned to produce jointly the “Al-Wahash” 8x8 APCs with BM-3M “Shturm” combat tower and to promote it on the markets of UAE and other countries. Besides that, the parties plan to extend cooperation in implication of programs for modernization and producing of new pieces of armament and military equipment.
TOP-5 NEW SOLUTIONS FROM "UKROBORONPROM" ENTERPRISES IN THE YEAR 2018 In 2018, the enterprises which are part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" developed, demonstrated and sent for trials several dozen new and modernized weapons, military equipment and main components thereof. In particular, this concerns the "Vilkha" and "Neptun" projects which brought together dozens of enterprises of the defense and industry complex. Another example is a novel solution of the "Mykolayiv Armored Vehicle Plant", i.e., the combat reconnaissance vehicle "Mangoose" which was presented at a number of international security forums. Another new solution is the "Kharza" mobile radar facility for perimeter protection which was developed by the State Enterprise "Specialized Foreign Trade Company "Progress" and is designed to protect strategic objects from attacks by sabotage groups and unmanned aircraft. However, the most significant ones include the modern cruise missile "Neptun", the upgraded high-precision 152-mm projectile "Kvitnyk", the "Berest" multiple rocket launcher system, the OPSN-I optical-sighting station and the 1L220UK counter-battery radar.  What follows below is a detailed description of these new solutions which were created with the aid of high-precision equipment and advanced digital technologies. "Neptun" - the sea coast defender The state-of-the-art cruise missile "Neptun" is the DKKB "Luch" newest project which is strategically important for Ukraine's defense capability. During trials it managed to destroy the surface target at a distance of 280 km. Thus, the high efficiency of target control and recognition systems by the onboard system of the cruise missile were proven. The trials of the new weapon were conducted as part of a series of measures to adopt and start mass production of the cruise missile.   "The Ukrainian missile manufactured by the DKKB "Luch" was developed as part of the "Missile Shield" Project which is of strategic importance for the country's defense capability. If the cruise missile gets accepted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" will begin its mass production", the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko commented on the missile trials on his Facebook page. In the future, the "Neptun" cruise missile should serve as a basis for a new anti-ship complex which should have high mobility and maneuvers capability. This will increase the level of protection and will expand possibilities of maintaining the country’s territorial integrity and inviolability of its coastal area. High-Precision "Kvitnyk" In 2018, the State Enterprise "Science and Production Complex "Progress" completed the modernization of the high-precision 152 mm projectile called "Kvitnyk" and carried out full import substitution of the components of Russian production, which accounted for more than 40% of all components used. The "Kvitnyk" is a high-precision 152-mm projectile, which hits a target with an accuracy of several centimeters at a distance of up to 20 km. In fact, this projectile can hit a A4 sheet with one shot. Such accuracy is achieved by means of laser pointing, which can be carried out from an unmanned aerial or correctional device. The "Kvitnyk" can destroy the most secure targets such as command posts, communications centers, bridges, water crossings, support points, etc. This high-precision product gives troops an overwhelming advantage during counterattack fighting when the enemy artillery is annihilated without any chance of troops getting a retaliatory strike. The "Kvitnyk" received a new guidance head which is several times smaller than the previous one and is one of the most complex components of the high-precision projectile. During a shot, all projectile systems, including its optics, electronics and precision mechanics, should withstand an overload of 10, 000 g (when 100 grams turn into 1 ton). Even so, despite such extreme conditions, the electronics should be in the working order and should be able to control the projectile. It is worth noting that the new guidance head can be used not only in the 152-mm "Kvitnyk" but also in its "NATO" version in the 155-mm caliber, as well as in the 122-mm projectile "Karasuk" and the new 120-mm mini "Krucha". At present, the State Enterprise "Science and Production Complex "Progress" is fully ready for the mandatory preliminary and state trials of the "Kvitnyk" and for its mass production and are looking forward to receiving orders from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. "Berest": greater fire power and accuracy Last year, the State Enterprise "Shepetivskyi Repair Plant", which is part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom", carried out a deep modernization of the 122-mm multiple rocket launcher system. The uniqueness of this new combat vehicle, which was named BM-21 UM "Berest", is that it is made of only Ukrainian-produced components. The vehicle was for the first time unveiled to the general public at the international exhibition "Weapons and Security", which was held in Kyiv in October. "Berest" can replace the BM-21 "Hrad", which is currently used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The use of modern digital technologies and a new chassis of domestic production give "Berest" key combat and operational advantages. The use of the new digital fire control system allows the crew to prepare themselves for shooting, in particular, for topogeodetic survey without leaving the cabin. Digital technologies integrate "Berest" into the information exchange system on the battlefield. Due to this, a multiple rocket launcher system crew in a real time format gets the enemy exact coordinates which come from drones, counter-battery radar stations, as well as from other surveillance systems resulting in a several-fold increase of fire accuracy and efficiency. The new multiple rocket launcher system has a more powerful barrage of up to 50 rockets compared to 40 in the "Hrad" system. "Berest" is installed on a new chassis manufactured by "KrAZ" - 5401NE with a wheeled 4х4 formula. In general, compared with "Hrad" "Berest" has greater barrage power, fire accuracy, better integration into digital artillery control and guidance systems, greater mobility and less opening fire time. Digital sight for high-precision weaponry Another invention of the year 2018 is the OSSN-I optic-target station developed by the Izyum Instrument-Making Plant. This station is equipped with powerful optics, a thermal imager, a laser control channel and a range finder. Such instrumentation makes it possible to not only locate targets but also to home high-precision weapons onto them. This solution from the Izyum Instrument-Making Plant is of universal nature. The station diameter is only 43 cm, which makes it possible to install it not only on helicopters but also on unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, an optical-aiming station stabilized in all planes can be used in armored vehicles and, after making a number of design changes, in marine facilities. The "Izyum Instrument-Making Plant" is a unique enterprise which makes sights for high-precision missile weapons. The Plant has a fully closed cycle of production starting from the manufacture of special glass and ending with the manufacture of digital sights for the anti-tank systems such as "Stuhna-P", "Corsar" and "Barier". Counter-battery radar from "Scientific and Production Complex "Iskra" For the puproses of counter-battery fighting, the Zaporizhia-based "Scientific and Production Complex "Iskra" developed the 1L220UK station, which was demonstrated during the military parade on August 24. The 1L220UK counter-battery radar captures the exact location of enemy guns, mortars, multiple rocket launcher systems, anti-aircraft rocket systems and tactical missiles at a distance of several dozen kilometers. This makes it possible to get exact coordinates for delivering a retaliatory strike, as well as to adjust one’s own fire.  In addition, 1L220UK keeps track of airspace detecting enemy unmanned aerial vehicles and other warcraft. In terms of its capabilities, 1Л220UК significantly exceeds the counter-battery radars which are currently used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To sum it up, in 2018, the Ukroboronprom's enterprises did not only supply military equipment and weapons but also made every effort to create new weapons. Should mass production be launched, these weapons can significantly increase the military might of the Ukrainian army and can deal a devastating blow to the enemy.  
UKRAINIAN DEFENSE ENTERPRISES ARE THE MOST ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS OF RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY THE NATO INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY GROUP (NIAG) The enterprises of the Ukrainian Defense Industry Complex, including the State Concern “Ukroboronprom“, have ranked first among NATO partner countries in terms of the extent of their participation in the research of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG), according to  the results of participation of Ukrainian enterprises in NIAG multinational research projects in 2018. In the course of the research, Ukrainian specialists together with colleagues from Western countries identified the main areas for development and drafted conceptual approaches in the main fields such as the provision of logistical capabilities, next-generation helicopter equipment, the use of military  aircraft of different types and under different conditions; autonomous systems and technologies; marine unmanned aircraft systems, etc. It should be noted that the research participants  included not only the State Concern’s partners (i.e., State Enterprise "Antonov", State Enterprise "KhMZ" FED", State Enterprise "Ivchenko-Progress", and State Enterprise "Aviacon") but also private enterprises which are members of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine. The active and successful participation of Ukrainian specialists was welcomed by the NATO representatives. In the future, the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" intends to engage in further cooperation and to actively participate in the Alliance's research projects. It should be noted that according to the guideline documents of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and enterprises of the Defense Industry Complex of Ukraine, in 2019 Ukraine is expected to begin implementing NATO principles and standards.   In addition, in 2019 Ukraine will begin adopting NATO technical standards in the production of weapons and military equipment in Ukraine, which will significantly improve the quality of Ukrainian weapons and will ensure the mutual compatibility between the combat systems of Ukraine and those of the NATO Member States.
IN 2018, "UKROBORONPROM" HANDED OVER MORE THAN 4900 UNITS OF WEAPONS AND MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO UKRAINIAN TROOPS The State Concern "Ukroboronprom" enterprises handed over more than 4,900 units of  weapons and military equipment to the Armed Forces, the National Guard and other power structures of Ukraine. "The war has convincingly shown that victory can only be won by relying on high morale of the troops, general public support and modern weapons. More than 4,900 units of new, modernized and repaired weapons and military equipment were received by the Ukrainian Army from the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" in 2018", said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.    Among these are 2,500 units of state-of-the-art high-precision missile weapons such as PTRK "Stuhna-P", "Barier" and LPRK "Corsar", which are capable of destroying the enemy with one shot. At the same time, in 2018 the State Concern enterprises transferred to the Ukrainian army  modern armored vehicles BTR-3 and BTR-4, 79К6 "Pelican" radar stations, С-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, modernized fighters MiG-29 and Su-27, "Hvozdyka" artillery systems, "Urahan" multiple rocket launcher systems and dozens of other types of equipment and weapons ranging from individual navigation systems to military transport aircraft. This work, which was carried out by "Ukroboronprom" enterprises considerably strengthened the defensive ability of Ukrainian fighters. In 2018, the final stages of the development of state-of-the-art weaponry which should strengthen the Ukrainian army in the near future were completed. In particular, this involves the "Vilkha" and "Neptun" projects which brought together dozens of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" enterprises and a number of other manufacturers of defense industry products. These high-precision weapons can dramatically increase the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ensure the destruction of enemy targets at a large distance.   In 2019, "Ukroboronprom" enterprises will continue to re-equip Ukrainian troops with new and upgraded weapons and military equipment, to expand production facilities, to master new technologies and to develop new promising weapons.  
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Combat module "Taipan" In the framework of international exhibition "Arms and Security" (Kiev) Ukrainian public premiere of the combat module "Taipan" - developed by UOP SE "SpetsTehnoEksport"  - was held. Specifications of the new combat module "Taipan" meet the highest Western standards. Installed system of backlash planetary gearboxes and ac converter-fed motors, provide precise targeting at ultra slow and high speeds make combat module “Taipan” unique. Owing to modern electronics, "Taipan" provides automatic targeting, keeps armament in the defined position, regardless repositioning  of the combat vehicle’s hull in motion, providing automatic tracking of a target. Automated targeting system - with allowance for weather, projectile type, armament type, angular velocity and target range - is installed into the combat module. Also fighting module installed automatically issuing commands guidance given weather conditions, such as shells, type of arms, angular velocity and range goals. Sight system can be adjusted both to the line-of-sight and horizon line. Currently, “Taipan” is equipped with a rapid-fire cannon caliber double-barreled 23 mm, the effective range of which reaches 1.8 km. Other combat module modifications can be equipped with a machine gun 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm, and 30 mm grenade launcher with a separate elevation drive unite. The minimum weight of the combat module is only 350 kg. In addition, this module can be mounted not on mobile platforms only, but also equip fortified structures - such as checkpoints - controlling the module remotely, or use it as a SAFU without power supply, the combat module "Taipan" can work 3 hours in such a mode. “Together with our Ukrainian partners we have created combat module technical characteristics of which will arouse Ukrainian armored vehicles producers’ interest. Moreover, all the electronics and software are designed by Ukrainian specialists”, – said director of SFTE “Spetstehnoeksport” Pavlo Barbul.  
Combat module "Taipan"
BMP-1UMD UKROBORONPROM State Enterprise "Zhytomyr Armored Plant" adapted German Deutz engine for use in infantry fighting vehicles. Modernized infantry vehicle received its official name BMP-1UMD. The first public demonstration of BMP-1UMD took place at the exhibition "Arms and Security", October 11 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. Works on Russian UTD-20 replacement by Deutz TCD2013 L64V took only three months. This 4-stroke, 6-cylinder turbosupercharged engine with electronic control unit has 330 hp power, with the possibility of increasing power up to 390 hp, while UTD-20 engine has only 300 hp. In addition, the German engine has significantly more resources it quieter and more economical. "Infantry fighting vehicle adaptation for German Deutz engines use is another step in UOP import substitution program fulfillment. Other Ukrainian armored vehicles such as BTR-4 - produced by SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau” - are equipped with engines of this manufacturer,” - said the head of the SC" UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov. Works on improvement of firepower, fire control, ergonomic and functional characteristics of the vehicle were carried out when working on BMP-1UMD. Special attention Ukrainian specialists paid to camouflage in visible and IR band.        
PHANTOM – WARRIOR OF THE FUTURE. PUBLIC PREMIERE AT "ARMS AND SECURITY" "Phantom" is one of the most advanced developments of UKROBORONPROM    SE "SpetsTehnoEksport". It is the first step in development of advanced systems that will replace traditional armament. The first public demonstration of tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle "Phantom" took place at the exhibition "Arms and Security", which started on October 11 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. "Unmanned multipurpose tactical vehicle" Phantom" is a response to the challenges of technological era, pressing its demands to creating entirely new armament types: unmanned, multi-functional and capable of performing tasks that are now performed by soldiers only, endangering their lives. These are the characteristics, demonstrated by "Phantom", "- said the head of the SC "UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov, explaining the peculiarities of the new unit of the military equipment. Tactical Unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom” is a remotely operated mini armored carrier. Day and night sighting systems allow to fire at any time of the day for a distance of over 1 km. Its operational range is up to 20 km, it is operated by means of secure radio channel or via fiber cable of 5 km length. “Phantom” can transport ammunition, retrieve wounded from the battlefield and perform combat missions. "Phantom" capabilities are difficult to overestimate: they allow him to perform a wide range of tasks. This equipment can deliver ammunition and loads across the areas that are under the threat of enemy fire, or at risk of mining, to safely and quickly evacuate wounded from the battlefield. Different types of armament can be mounted on "Phantom" for fire support. For example, if "Phantom" is equipped with anti-missile system - the army receives nearly invisible, mobile and effective means of enemy armored vehicles’ destruction,"- said the head of SE "SpetsTehnoEksport" Pavlo Barbul. The XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2016" will be held 11-14 October 2016 at the International Exhibition Center, which is located at Brovary Avenue, 15.