defense hub is created in Ukraine – Roman Romanov

Today the State Concern "UkrOboronProm" actually created a defense hub: Best manufacturers,  researchers and investment will center around it. The memorandum of cooperation with the NGO "League of defense enterprises of Ukraine" was signed within the walls of the State Concern. The event was held with the participation MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the interfactional deputy association "For the development of defense complex and aerospace industry of Ukraine" Viktor Kryvenko. UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov and managing director of NGO "League of defense enterprises of Ukraine" Oleh Vysots’kyy signed the document.

This document starts a new history of the most powerful cooperation between public and private organizations of national defense industry and all UOP partner enterprises: 558 domestic enterprises will operate as a single mechanism.

"Defense hub is a new page in the history of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. Message of cooperation between private and public businesses is registered in bold. We are proceeding to partnership with domestic enterprises to be competitive in the global market. Today we can confidently talk about the actual association of companies, working in the military sector into the "the Ministry of Defense Industry of Ukraine": 134 UOP enterprises, 30 enterprises of "League of defense enterprises" and 394 enterprises that joined UOP import substitution program" will officially cooperate from now on – said UOP Director General Roman Romanov, commenting on the Memorandum signing.

According to these agreements, UOP engages the League of defense enterprises of Ukraine in cooperation with regional administrations, the state order fulfillment; initiates joint development projects and joint representation of Ukraine at international defense exhibitions.

"League is not “just another union”: we incpect our enterprises, their certification and methods. We aim for real production cooperation with public sector enterprises of defense industry and joint development", – said managing director of NGO "League of defense enterprises of Ukraine" Oleh Vysots’kyy.

MP of Ukraine Viktor Kryvenko reported about creation of interfactional deputy association to support the defense sector, having stressed the importance of public-private partnership.

“UkrOboronProm” represented a defense industry reform strategy. It provides simultaneous operation in the legal, technological and production sectors. The reform assumes the following steps: implementation of corporate management, creating of supervisory boards, audit involving international companies, enterprises clustering by equipment types, extensive measures on technology protection, platform for innovations. These changes will enable integration of defense complex of Ukraine into the international community, to ensure its reliable and highly technological work.